Striae® Stretch Mark Crème
with Regenetrol Complex®
Stretch Mark Removal Cream

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Skin Cream For Stretch Marks

Striae® Stretch Mark Crème has helped more than 60,000 people with stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight changes, rapid growth, and weight lifting.

Striae® (STREE-AH) Stretch Mark Crème with Regenetrol Complex® reinforces skin to improve the appearance of stretch marks. After four to six weeks, the crème fades stretch mark redness and whiteness, smoothes out ridges, and strengthens and thickens surrounding skin.

For best results: Apply AM and PM. Smooth a generous amount of Striae Plus® directly into affected skin AM and PM for a minimum of six weeks.

Claims: Clinically proven to work on stretch marks. Studies done formally against a negative control and against other products that are marketed for stretch marks.

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